Save water

Water is essential to every person and every ecosystem in the world; it is also essential to the products we make and the agricultural ingredients we use. At VBS4RH, we are devoted to building a water-positive organization that can endure people and nature together, now and for future generations. Our strategy includes reducing water use in our manufacturing, recycling the water, responding to water challenges through innovation and partnerships, and supporting water restoration. We ensure the sustainable use of water through our production, supply chain, and consumer use of our products. We promise to use relevant machinery, and a distinct product innovation strategy using a life cycle approach. VBS4RH is also committed to raising awareness of water-related issues with our consumers, stakeholders, and business partners with the aim of sustainable water usage. We correspond to be in touch with external partners, NGOs, associations, and local communities to understand key water-related issues in a better way.

Our ‘Save water’ strategy focuses on increasing water security through a context-based approach to water replenishment, advocacy for smart water policies, and responsible water use across our operations and supply chain. We are using recycled water to grow plants that reduce the carbon emission we are adding inevitably during production. VBS4RH promises to meet all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements in local, relative operational areas regarding water quality, standardization, water disposal, and other applicable approaches.


Forests are essential in maintaining balance, omitting the GHG effect. Though we don’t own any forest land we ensure our procurement and entire manufacturing don’t cause deforestation.

As we call ourselves sustainability promoters, At VBS4RH, we are committed to the take care of natural ecosystems that are essential to human beings, the environment, climates, biodiversity, and our business. Our efforts start with being accountable while sourcing raw materials, processing, designing products, supply chain, and packaging.

No to the waste

The plastic waste crisis demands cross-sector collaboration and alignment on a common principle. Our No to the waste initiative is anchored by 4 fundamental goals:

Use 100% biodegradable packaging which starts with partially biodegradable packaging, and 100% recyclable or reusable packing. We are strategizing in producing Refill and Reuse mode for some of our lifestyle products. Collecting and recycling a bottle or can for each one we sell, and Creating awareness, collaborating, and making parentship to support a healthy, zero landfill environment.

Consumer Education

Consumer habits and practices can significantly impact plastic pollution and water usage in their daily life. Through our digital presence, events, and other communication we educate consumers about eco-friendly living, and the environmental impact of plastic, and water waste.

Scopes and uncertainty

As we are moving forward with the promise of 100% sustainable, eco-friendly living and reduction in carbon footprint impact, we are aware of the ambiguity that could impact our timelines. We may encounter barriers during raw material sourcing, collaborative conflicts, challenges during product optimization, unexpected encounters during novel product development, issues with scaling up, and last but not least thermal energy discrepancies which could impact our plans and timelines.

Though the path is tough we’re ready to walk on and face the challenge.

We welcome you to form a partnership, collaborate, and work with us on our journey toward 100% sustainability. Together, we can create an eco-friendly and sustainable planet.

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