About Us

Our Story

It all started with scientists who were annoyed by using alcohol as sanitizer even outside of the lab! Using sanitizer randomly, seeing others irrespective of gender, and having dry, wrinkled skin, one felt this is the new norm and there is a need for harsh chemical-free formulas for everyday usage without causing the sensitive skin to react. We agreed to initiate the research on several natural ingredients to find an ethical source that could deliver the same properties.

Simultaneously, while we were turning to natural skincare, we discovered that they have multiple unnecessary ingredients that harm the skin and hair, if they work, it doesn’t work for long without any side effects. Most importantly, these must toiletries products have microplastics that are not only harmful to the skin but to the swage and entire ecosystem. We came to a verdict of a need within the lifestyle industry for skincare that can deliver gentle effective results without being loaded with chemicals, and plastics. And so, VBS4RH (VBSΔ) was born, with a determination to never compromise efficacy and quality with our environment and us.

VBSΔ Vision

Our vision is to lead the renovation toward a circular and sustainable production to support an eco-friendly environment.

VBSΔ Mission

To fulfill the desire for hassle-free lifestyle products in FMCGs segments, to be safe and natural, after extensive research we are here to provide you with the best possible alternative solution against the toxic, non-degradable product with a dream of no plastic-landfill .

VBSΔ Promise

We encourage innovative solutions against pollution and deliver chemical-free, sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable products.

VBSΔ Culture

At VBSΔ, we embrace offbeat ideas and compelling passion. VBSΔ values equality irrespective of religion, race, ethnicity, culture, and gender.

VBSΔ Spirit

We operate on curiosity, professionalism, research mindset, & implementation.

VBSΔ Belief

VBSΔ considers kindness while approaching any internal and external matter. Thus, we become stronger!


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John Dominic

He takes care of Research & Development, which includes product development and manufacturing. His paramount priority is to create cutting-edge technologies to help us live better with safety and reliability.

“VBSΔ is not just a company; it is a promise to take care of the planet by reducing its carbon footprint.”

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Dr. Antaripa Bhattacharya

She manages the overall operations and resources of the company, acting as the main point of communication and handling corporate operations with hands-on involvement in day-to-day functions. She is a vegan and ... woman’s rights activist who craves an understanding of the nuances of the experimental approach in the corporate industry. She is a ‘nonstop learner,’ who thrives on educational expertise in biology and business by staying updated through continuous networking and learning.

“At VBSΔ, we are committed to bringing unique technologies and implementing them to make an advanced yet safer planet.”

We have come so far…

We believe taking care of your skin shouldn’t slow you down. We’re dedicated to making products that are sustainable for both the consumers and planet earth as seamlessly as possible, so you can indulge yourself without feeling anxious. We’ve come a long way since 2021! Here are some highlights from our journey.


Releasing the First Batch

Applied for a patent and brought the batch into the market. Simultaneous research to come up with plastic-free, degradable toiletries that support our eco-friendly mission.


Research and Development

VBS4RH started research on ethically sourced materials, after multiple performance tests, the antimicrobial test we confirmed our first chemical-free, non-flammable antimicrobial liquid.



The ideation of chemical-free sustainable products, and how to navigate the plastic bead issue in products.

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