Innovating through continuous experiments

VBS4RH focuses on evolving and becoming better over the years and is presently equipped with inventive scientific minds and state-of-the-art facilities to make the right products through rigorous research, valid prototyping, and actual advancement in the process. Within these 2 years, we have filed 2 patents which is relatively a short period, that bear the commitment and capability towards innovation for betterment.

Rigorous systems, processes, and industry best practices have enabled securing global quality certifications - a key enabler in delivering products with the highest standards in quality, safety, and efficacy to consumers. With a relentless focus on operational excellence and quality, we are determined to innovate continuously on materials, raw material usage, lean processes and systems, and adequate training to enhance the overall quality of business. Innovations are integral to VBS4RH’s business strategies and we actively collaborate with the partnered scientific teams, and business partners, making VBS4RH a harbinger in bringing first-innovation-sustainable and plastic-free products to address exclusive requirements and deliver the benefits to consumers.

We deliver what we promise to deliver

Addressing consumer needs merging with climate change

The demand for the right health and hygiene products is accelerating due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the terrific chemical usage in skin care products. We researched and make advanced personal care products that are microplastic free, harmful chemical free superior quality products in the form of ‘sustainable care’. Our Innovative science-based work solely focused on reducing the usage of chemicals that harm the skin, and pollute the water and the soils, without compromising on the quality and experience. We continue to power innovation to serve consumer needs and maintain the environment pollution free.

We are committed to making the product and process as greener as possible

Fortifying longstanding affordability

VBS4RH advocates for sustainability in the daily usage of products, production, manufacturing, and business. Using relevant core areas of science and technology we facilitate 'proofs of concept' to innovative products and in this long process we follow the 3 principles; reducing waste, incorporating digitalization, and focusing on quality to secure long-term competitiveness.

VBS4RH commits to having longstanding research platforms to experiment on multiple issues and generate various product concepts. At VBS4RH we are modifying, and creating advancements in natural, organic chemistry, and green root process science that has led to the replacement of alcoholic hand sanitizer with our antimicrobial hand rub which can be used anytime, anywhere, and by anyone even kids.

VBS4RH is committed to using 100% recyclable packaging, plant-based plastics that are biodegradable as primary packaging for its products keeping environmental sustainability as a priority.

We make sure, we don’t harm the environment and the consumers

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