Integrity & Accountability

We are committed to doing the right thing by respecting human rights in every inch of our operations. We ensure that human rights are maintained in our end-to-end value chain, including our stakeholders, employees, consumers, the communities where we do business, and our business partners. We act inclusive as a company, as employees, as collaborative allies, and as social community partners.

We encourage our team members to be action-oriented and deliver the best product and service to our customers promptly. We strictly follow just-in-time delivery. And this will allow us to advance our performance, product quality, service providing and acceptance, and organizational culture.

We are focused on creating strong long-lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders - our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and the communities we are associated with. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards, and inclusiveness.

Unethical labor

VBS4RH does not engage in unsustainable practices. We forbid the exploitation of children and will not use child labor in our business either directly or indirectly. We follow a recruitment age of no less than 18 years.

We won’t encourage forced labor. We will be aware of the worker’s mental and physical status regardless of their employment status, location, contractual arrangements, or role. We do this as part of our inclusivity, advancement of the human rights of workers, equality, and social sustainability.


At VBS4RH we forbid bribery and corruption. Keeping the policy and training mode intact we are committed to doing business the right way with our values which is sustainability at all segments and parameters. Corruption isn’t one of them. We follow all local laws and regulations; we train our team members to follow strict regimes on the same.

Violation against the Code of Ethics

At VBS4RH, we encourage everybody to ‘Speak Up’ when they face injustice, or believe someone violated or may violate our human rights and the code of ethics. We do not encourage external reporters and share incidental information. We expect all concerns to be brought up to higher authorities if necessary.

Valuing our employee

We are open to recruiting a diverse population. We acknowledge that different backgrounds, skills, and experiences maximize the core strength of the business and strengthen our ability to achieve our goals together.

Industry principles

At VBS4RH we believe in freedom of movement. Workers’ freedom of moving should not be restricted by their employer through abuse, threats, and practices such as retention of Govt. identity cards, and valuable possessions. Workers can’t be demanded to pay during recruitment. Workers shouldn’t be underpaid.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees are crucial to us. At VBS4RH, we specifically focus on life-safety critical systems such as electrical safety, fall prevention/protection, chemical, and material handling, and machine operating system. We introduce proper training for our manufacturing unit, suitable dress, and safety measurement to ensure nobody gets hurt. We keep first aid for accidental incidents. We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Valuing our consumers

We are committed to providing the products and services that we promise. We are committed to improving the lives of our consumers. Products. As we talk about sustainability and eco-friendly living, we want to ensure that we are delivering the ’right thing’ that genuinely meets consumer needs. We strongly encourage our consumers to contact us because we want to hear about their experiences with our products.

External business collaboration

We choose to work closely with our external business partners to ensure that the raw materials are sourced responsibly, products reached consumers safely, and on time. We actively seek business relationships that share our sustainability motto and maintain high standards within their supply chains.


We recognize that personal information management requires more than just complying with privacy laws. VBS4RH ensures that appropriate privacy measures are implemented to transparently process personal information. Our stakeholders, whether consumers, employees, shareholders, or vendors can expect that security controls will be in place to help safeguard critical business and personal information. We take appropriate steps to protect personal data with due confidentiality and appropriate integrity and is retrievable if required.

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